Wednesday, 6 July 2011

On Morecombe bay a cockle picker

ghosts his dune-dragged forefinger
along meandering maps
of sand-eel and mud-jugged lug-

Salt sharp kelp is flung like tartan kilt  
on the hips of anorexic
struts of shingle;        dead sods of seal
thwacked with surf, tendered with scrats

of sea-thrown stone, sunk in damp
sand,     are fresh with turning tide;
a wick of moon licks curling
neap surf; splinters of rain keen

on wet stone, that tack currents
down the cliff-
        lipped combe.

Friday, 17 December 2010


Legs of the wounded horse: both commonplace
both huge.
In profile there is a strong similarity with the diamond
tip of the spear and the overhead gallery lights.    The light is source of death.
Skull seeds the centre.
The spear also represents the second bull over which  
is laid a woman with a lamp    swooping with a horse

We find the skull exactly the same as we find the head –
and with the skull and head
associations of    light bringer    and childhood 

She    (childhood)    represents the evil of physical drawing
 and her spear is very similar to the central figure of the paintbrush –
partly because of his sin    partly because they both have severed arms:

They have connections to the fallen warrior.
He is the central figure!    And in his hands he holds the broken sword.
The spear penetrates and breaks the enemy in two at the crucial moment
at the centre the human skull is concealed in the body-heart.

The themes of death    the bullfight    the crucifixion
contain the same overlaying spirit of the horse.

The bull is very like the bull    though the horse in the bull
has been stabbed by the spear    and concealed below the horse
is his head of the skull    penetrated by the spear within him
and the symbol stands motionless.

Och I’m becoming confused.
All I’m trying to say is     ‘spear’.

The clash of light and dark
has relationship to the broad paintbrush figure,
who is Light and Dark.
and like Christ,
has the harlequin’s mystical power.

Picasso    you see    hides Lucifer in his drawings.
Lucifer sleeps horizontal between the wet paintbrush
and the spear of Venus    the morning star – the most beautiful:

The fallen warrior is cryptic of the crucifixion.

‘Painting is drawing’ the critics protest and are driven from the market.

No. The painting is our weapon    an offensive    defensive    magnificent sword.
Hitler stands in the centre of the battle.
He is the fallen warrior.  This is his concealed portrait.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

ermits sermun

oh aye iah cud tell ya bowt cross n that
ow is muscles tiahtend bludless lahke lightin bowt
skye    ow is eyes rolld back lahke fruit machines
an is lungs burnt wiv is own wattery flud
iah cud tell ya bowt ow mary fell
scratchin  earf wivur scream
as she crumpled in ur usbunds arms
lahke wen ya punch air owta cans

ow is back spasmd int last moments
an e jiggld lahke an exicution
pepperd wiv bullets bfore
is droopy ead it is chest
an iah cud tell ya bowt ow it startid
t rain as e spat is last bref

ah but iah wownt    i downt think iah can
too dunn and stil it bi doin
dead over n over evry sundy mass
thats alota times dead then
so iah downt think i riite fair
t speak out n kill im agen